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Dear organizers,

Dear Drivers and co-Drivers,

in order to appropriately respond to safety requirements, as well as to organizational needs, ACI Sport Service ordered so that all pilots of Rally (except rally Slalom) install a "Rally KIT predisposition" to connect, from race to race, with a RDS’ GPS BOX, suitable for performing the function of geolocation of the cars during races.


The system Tracking System GPS RDS consists of two devices:
- "Rally KIT" (purchased and installed by the crew).
- "BOX GPS" (owned by RDS).

The "KIT Rally" includes a box with button SOS request, OK button, spies monitoring supply and wiring connection to the Battery and to the RDS' "BOX GPS".
The crew will purchased it and installed it on the car in a stable and permanent way according to the preferences of the pilot and the navigator, but, in all cases, according to criteria set by ACI Sport Service (eg the SOS request button must be accessible from both members of the crew and with seat belt).

Before the race, the RDS technical staff will connect your "GPS BOX" with the "Rally KIT". At the end of the race the "GPS BOX" (the part owned by RDS) will be uninstalled and disconnected from the "Rally KIT".

It is possible to order the "Rally KIT predisposition" by clicking HERE.

To know more about RDS Tracking System click HERE ( important ) -> Click HERE.

Click HERE to download a preview of the installation instructions of the Rally KIT.


As a result of these provisions and to provide appropriate tracking service and localization of the cars, it is necessary to your cooperation to make some operations essential for the performance of the service.

We ask, therefore, to provide the GPS coordinates relative to the race track (tracks of all the special trials) and POI (point of interest) below:
- Race Director and / or Secretary
- Any other point that is considered interesting both for the race and for the service of tracking.

Here are our tips to stake out.
Feel free to follow what you prefer.

1) Provision of a geographical map of the affected area in the event.

You can send, via email, a PDF or JPG with detailed maps of the route, provided that the points above are highlighted with their geographical coordinates. In the common interest, it will be very welcome to fill in our form for an integration of information. You will find more details in section 5 of this document.

2) Provision of GPS track with the help of the software "Google Earth".

You can send, via e-mail, one or more files in KML or KMZ format, generated by the free software "Google Earth".
NB: If you do not know "Google Earth" but still want to adopt this solution we invite you to watch a short video that you will find on our site (click here to watch the video) that will show you how to use this software to create a path, enter waypoints (Start, Stop, Intermediate, ...) and how to export your work to a file to be sent via e-mail.

3) Delivery of GPS coordinates using hardware provided by RDS.

Another method of detection of the track and its points of interest is to use the hardware equipment that RDS will make available (complete with instructions for use). By adopting this solution you will have to make a tour of the entire route, turning on the device at the beginning of the track and storing the points of interest at the touch of a button. Once the tracking is done, you will need to return the equipment to RDS, who will carry out the analysis of the route. You will be provided, upon request, the generated files that you can use as you consider it appropriate.

4) Delivery of GPS coordinates via APP on SmartPhone (Apple iOS - Google Android).

If you own a smartphone or a tablet and you want to provide independently, you can download one of the free APP recommended on this page -> click here. Alternatively you can use other APP provided that they reflect the requirements described in this document.

5) Delivery of GPS coordinates via RDS form.

In case it is not possible to communicate requested information in electronic format, you can download and fill out the form RDS "Mod-Track1" (download the form).
In this case you have to have a device which can detect the GPS coordinates (GPS, smartphone, logger, etc.).

All tracks and data must be received by our office no later than the 10th day before the event.

Thanking you for your cooperation, please note that the RDS staff is at your disposal to provide every possible technical, operational and administrative clarification. Do not hesitate to contact us.

A sincere "good luck" and have fun!

Tracking System
Information on bail amounts and charged crew

In order to clarify the mechanism of payments related to the Tracking Service we specify that:

1) The crew will have to pay the GPS Tracking rental service to pay at each event in which you participate.

NB: The payment of this rental is included, unless otherwise noted, in the entry fee of the event.

2) The Rally KIT will be bought only once and will be owned by the buyer. The price is € 61.00 (€ 50.00 + VAT).

2.1) For cars from abroad, performing occasionally races in Italy, there is no obligation to purchase the KIT Rally. In these cases the KIT Rally will be hired for the price of € 15,00. The KIT Rally will be returned to RDS only after the race along with the GPS BOX.

3) In any event, during the sport checks, it is also required a payment of € 300.00 as deposit, which will be returned after the race at the time of the withdrawal of the GPS BOX.

4) By subscribing to the event you have automatically accepted the privacy rules related to the service Tracking System.
For your convenience we have published -> Click HERE to read it.

5) At the end fo the race: Unless otherwise indicated, the RDS personnel will be positioned on the arrival (just before the platform), to uninstall the tracker and return the deposits previously paid. However, it is not excluded that the return will take place at the RDS station in Race Direction or other place / environment. This will depend on the location of the areas and how the event is organized.To facilitate the crews we will make every possible effort to make this phase as fast as possible. However, this depend on how the event it is organized. RDS is working to find the best compromise in order to speed up both administrative / bureaucratic phases and technical phases of the entire service of GPS Tracking. With the promise of improving our service and in the hope that this document has been helpful and has cleared any doubts, RDS gives all riders a sincere "good luck" and have fun.

Thank You.
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